EZG Kayak

March 30, 2006 at 6:03 am (Kayaking) (, )

I purchased a new kayak yesterday, the Wavesport EZG 50. At 135lbs, it’s tough to decide what size to go with because I’m right at the edge of the weight ranges for most boats, but this one was the most comfortable to sit in and I’ve enjoyed paddling it in the past. I also tried the Jackson Fun, which I am at the low end of the weight scale for, and the outfitting was not quite as comfortable for me (although everyone else raves about it). I liked the happy seat and happy feet, but the back brace was very low and the boat was extremely narrow in the hips. The whole process made me realize that kayaks are pretty much the only equipment in the outdoor industry that haven’t released a women-specific version. I would suggest that it have more room for the hips and less room for the legs. Either way, I’m excited to try out my new boat. We’re going to Texas for a couple weeks to guide on the Rio Grande, and hopefully I’ll get in a few days of paddling as well.

EZG Kayak


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