Tuolumne Training

May 12, 2006 at 5:47 pm (Rafting)

April 8: Tuolumne, 5000. Commercial Trip. 11 guest. Zach, Aaron C, Tom Freer.
April 29-30. Tuolumne. Private ECHO Guide Trip. 8,000.
May 8: Tuolumne, AO training, 8000. Adam Freeman, Kyle, me.
May 9: Tuolumne, AO training, 9,000. Drew, Adam, Robyn, me, Hunter.
May 10: Tuolumne, AO training, 7,500. Me guiding, Ryan A, Lindsey Eilers.

During these last three days we ran right through the heart of things. Rock Garden and Nemesis were normal, but Sunderland’s and Hackamack we made big moves right to left, then rams head far left to right. We made it the second day when Drew was guiding, but not the first day or the day I guided. Phil’s Folly was a tough move from left to right. The same as at 6,000. It’s kind of unnecessary though because there’s a great sneak line on the far left. Clavey we ran from the left. We were supposed to go left of the hole at the bottom by driving hard toward the wall from the center of the river. It looks nearly impossible, and I still think the right Linford Slot is a better line, but it was fun.We flipped day 1 and 3. My swim the first time was fine, but day 3 was pretty long and sucked. I’d rather be in my boat on the right side. 3/5 flipped Day 1 and 2/5 of us flipped Day 3. Robyn had great lines all day and I think calmed her nerves a little. The rest of the lines were normal, sneak routes when possible.


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