May 16, 2006 at 8:03 am (Uncategorized)

Thursday, I rode my bike 7 miles into Groveland from Casa Loma with a backpack and my computer on my back. It was hot and they were repaving the road, so it kinda sucked. Riding in sand and gravel is never fun on a road bike. I was exhausted because of the last 3 days of paddling/ rowing on the T. Once I got to Groveland, I tried first at the internet place across from the Iron Door. Closed, with no hours or explanation. Next I went across the street and no one knew who owned the internet shop. They suggested the library. I rode to the library, only to find that it is open from 2-6, M-Th. I went back into the main part of town and waited at the Groveland Hotel to see if anyone there could help me. luckily, they have an internet connection and a computer. Unfortunately, the internet (supposedly wireless) only works on their computer. So, I sat there for 3 hours working less than as efficiently as normal, but at least I got some work done. It’s frustrating trying to put a numerical value on getting links and link-building. It’s hard to show the progress made. A lot of the progress is me learning about the links and making decisions and familiarizing myself with the web. We can’t really charge clients for that.

At 2 I went to the library and worked until 6. They have wireless. For future reference, it works out on the porch and they have an electrical outlet. Then I had to ride my bike back home, uphill, sweaty and tired. I missed my car, but it was a fun adventure and it made me appreciate how available internet is in larger towns and cities.


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