The Semi Accident

January 17, 2007 at 7:11 am (Cycling)

The other day I had one of the scariest and luckiest days of my life. I was riding home, up Highway 49 from Coloma, a very dangerous, windy road with too much traffic and no shoulder. But, it’s the way home, so I was riding it. I pulled into a gravel turnout on the side at the top of my unpaved street. As I was getting off my bike, I heard brakes slam and looked up to see a semi truck skidding out of control and heading right towards me. The next think I knew, I was thrown from my bike and into the gravel. I immediately got up, brushed myself off, and checked back into reality. I realized that I was about a foot away from being killed, but as I felt my arms, legs, head, and back, I also knew that the truck had missed my body and clipped only my bike. My road bike was bent out of shape, but it was in decent condition considering the force that had just plowed into it. The driver and his passenger were more shocked than I was. They gave me hugs and couldn’t slow their breathing. They thought they had killed me when they saw me go down. Apparently he came around the corner too quickly, saw me, slammed on his brakes, the wheel locked, and boom. After spending 9 hours in the Marshall Hospital Emergency Room, I learned that my knee was badly bruised, but not broken. A week later, the bruises are still there and it hurts to bend it a bit, but for the most part, I just consider myself very fortunate.


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