Victorian Christmas

January 17, 2007 at 6:28 am (Gypsy Life) (, )

We went to A Victorian Christmas in Nevada City tonight and despite the rain, there were hundreds of people roaming about the streets. It was fun to poke around at the booths and enjoy the festive, holiday spirit. We arrived before some of the booths were set up so we went and ordered drinks at an old saloon. I tried two new ones (by the way, my doctor thinks that 4 drinks a week means I’m an alcoholic) an apple/ rum/ cider concoction that was really good, and my new favorite: tequila and tonic. Tastes like a margarita without all the sugar.

We ran into Jamie Shepard at an art studio with some absolutely gorgeous prints. He was immediately just as funny as I remembered. The second sentence out of his mouth was, “Well, I’m living with Eric Voosen these days. I don’t bring women home anymore, you know, because they end up hooking up with him and then I, well, I just sit on the couch alone and listen.” Later he just randomly looked down at Robyn and my shoes and said, “nice socks.” We weren’t sure how to respond to that. He introduced Danny to his friend and said, “She’s going to med school. You know, Danny was going to be a chiropractor, but he’s too short.” I was in stitches. He’s coming tomorrow evening to Danny (and Adam’s) birthday dinner. Should be fun.


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