Refugio Frey, Bariloche, Argentina

February 9, 2007 at 3:41 pm (Travel, Uncategorized)

cerra catedral
Five of us girls piled into the bus and headed to Catedral – a ski resort in the winter and an adventure playground in the summer. You can either take the trail up and back, or do a circular route that involves a charilift to the top of one mountain and a traverse across the ridge to the Refugio Frey.

We took the chairlift to the top of the mountain so we could have views for the entire hike and they were some of the most spectacular views I´ve ever seen. I can only imagine in the winter when the moutains are completely covered in snow. It´s an even more spectacular version of Tahoe. The hike was sketchy, but the trail was marked with big red dots on the rocks every 100 yards or so, which made it easy to follow. Once we hiked along the crest and then headed down into a Refugio Freylush green valley with a stream flowing into a beaufitul lake. The Refugio Frey is a destination for hikers and backpackers, but it is especially known for its incredible rock climbing right out the door. The climbers all camp in tents near the lake and many of the hikers stay in the refugio. We sat and drank Cokes and watched the climbers for a while. The hike down was long and dusty, but it was mostly through a shaded forest with colorful wildflowers and views of several lakes. The 16 mile hike was worth every achy muscle and blister.

Busses head from Bariloche to Catedral every 90 minutes beginning at 630am. The last bus leaves from Catedral to Bariloche at 8pm.


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