Rolling Down the Rio

February 13, 2007 at 3:52 pm (Travel, Uncategorized)

Sometimes somrolling on the Rio Espolonething just clicks and then it all becomes clear. I´ve been having problems doing a combat roll in my kayak for the past year – ever since I drowned my last kayak – but with the help of some amazing Chilean kayak instructors from Project Futa, I got my roll on both sides today! I can even combat roll in the current on both sides. Now I have to practice over and over so I don´t lose it. After I had completed close to 50 offside rolls with their help, I did one on my own without even realizing it. The muscle memory is true, it works, I can´t believe it´s taken me so long to get back in my boat and learn. And now it´s raining and snowing in CA and there will be plenty of water to boat on when we get home!


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