Renting Cars

February 14, 2007 at 3:38 pm (Travel, Uncategorized)

the funRenting a car in a foreign country is the most liberating travel experience. Since we´re splitting it 3 ways, Robyn, Brooke, and I decided that it would be a great idea to have a car in Futaleufu instead of trying to hitchhike all over town or taking the very limited busses. Our car is a Suzuki Fun and it is small and does not handle the gravel road very well (there are no paved roads here), but it gets us from place to place and allows us quite a bit of freedom. Yesterday, after kayaking on the Rio Espolon, we headed back to where we´re staying at Aren and Sarah´s on the Rio Azul and we stopped along the way to pick the most amazing rasberries at a farm.rasberry picking

We ate handfulls of the sweetest berries I´ve ever tasted, then filled up waterbottles with them and made wonderful rasberry and vodka cocktails. Today we drove back into town to meet with our kayak instructors and go kayaking, but it´s a torrential downpour outside and our trip might get cancelled. Luckily, we´ve got this great car, some good cd´s and plenty of time to wander around this amazing town.


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