Joshua Tree

April 5, 2007 at 7:01 am (Climbing)

Joshua Tree SunsetWe had a big UCLA Outdoor Adventures reunion in Joshua Tree last weekend. Liz and I drove down from Lotus, stopped in Clovis and then LA on the way, and with traffic and numerous stops, the drive, although fun, seemed to take forever. We arrived Friday night to an incredible sunset. We broke out the margaritas and watched the sunset. Overall for the weekend, the weather was perfect, the food was incredible as always, and we had a great time climbing. The first day we set up climbs at Lava Dome and hung out among the blooming Yuccas. We had everything from a 5.6 to a 5.12b set up and everyone got to climb quite a bit. I didDanny Sedavic Climbingn’t do anything harder than a 5.8, but it was really fun and good to be climbing again. Eunice was keeping up with the boys and doing several tough climbs and setting routes up other climbs. I’m not comfortable enough yet to be set my own protection. Danny drove up from Baja, Spina and Matt made it out there and brought their chess set which prompted a chess tournament. Christian and Marietta flew all the way from New Orleans and Brandon flew out from Maryland. People definitely made quite an effort to show up for the big weekend, which was awesome. Saturday afternoon we headed into Joshua Tree, the town to watch the UCLA game. We watched it at the bowling alley bar and made quite a ruckus as UCLA pulled off a terrific victory. Sunday we bouldered for a few hours and then headed home. The weekend was a great reminder of how amazing the Outdoor Adventure program is and how many wonderful, cool, great leaders are involved in UCLA OA.


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