Illinois River, Oregon

April 19, 2007 at 11:58 pm (Uncategorized)

Green Wall Rapid, Illinois RiverA group of us went up to raft on the Illinois River in Southern Oregon. The drive took forever because of a detour through Chico, three grocery stores for trip food, and the slowest cashier in the world at the discount food store. We pulled into the hotel at 1:30am and it felt like I had barely closed my eyes when the wake-up call came in at 6am. We met the guys from <a href=””>Clavey</a&gt; and the rest of our group at a grocery store and drove to the put-in on a windy, dirt road. It was snowing at put-in and I was beginning to wonder if this rafting trip was a good idea after all. Luckily, the weather cooperated and at least it stopped snowing and raining. The first day was mostly class II and III, but I somehow managed to fall out of the raft while rowing. Hunter heard a noise and looked back to see the rowing seat empty. I was very happy to have my beautiful <a href=””>kokatat drysuit</a> to keep me warm and completely dry. I was also pretty stoked to have the drop seat (pee zipper) numerous times on the trip.

Illinois River, Oregon

The rain stopped and we had two wonderful evenings in camp and two more awesome days on the river. Green Wall was exciting and much more beautiful in the canyon light than in photos. At take-out, we were all in shorts and tee-shirts, erasing from our memories the snow on the first day.

Here is a video of Scott Armstrong, owner of All-Outdoors, paddling for Jeff Kellogg, owner of Clavey, in Green Wall Rapid (IV). .


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