Death Ride Training

May 29, 2007 at 9:48 pm (Cycling)

img_0481.jpgThe Death Ride is less than 2 months away and while it seems like we’re training hard, my longest ride isn’t even half the 129 miles that I’ll be riding in July. It’s hard to fathom what that will feel like! I have been training with my parents who are both stronger than I am on a bike. We’ve been doing some really fun rides lately in the hills near Lotus. There are several amazing loops that don’t require any shuttle if you don’t mind a little traffic. I’ve discovered that the key to traffic is simply missing it (being flexible with riding times). The other day we tried to ride Ice House and my mom had a flat tire after 2 miles. We changed the tire with all the jeepers heading up to go off-roading. It wouldn’t inflate. We got out another tube and another CO2 cartridge and the valve broke. After 40 minutes we had gone through all three spare tubes and 2 cartridges and I had to ride back down and get the car. We can’t really afford many training days like that! Today we’re riding up Mormon Immigrant Road between Slye Park and Highway 88. I’m excited because I’ve never ridden up there.


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