Bike Ride: Monitor Pass and Ebbets Pass

June 19, 2007 at 7:20 pm (Cycling)

Ebbetts Pass at SunsetWe rode Monitor Pass on Saturday from Grover Hotsprings to 395 and back. It was 54 miles round trip and the back (east) side of Monitor was blazing hot at 11am. There were tons of people out riding, training for the Death Ride. I’m nowhere near the mileage i should be at. I think I’ve ridden about 850 miles since April 1st, but I did fine. We rode Ebbets to Hermit Valley and back on Sunday, a bigger group of us and it’s easier to motivate when there are lots of people. I liked Ebbets a million times more than Monitor. Much more interesting and nicer scenery. It was a sad realization that I will be doing both of those, front and back, and will have only completed about 65 miles when I then I have to ride out to Carson for another 65 miles. It will definitely be a mental challenge. Hopefully my knees will make it.


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