Rogue River Trips

August 6, 2007 at 11:51 pm (Rafting)

p1020248.jpgI was lucky enough to work three amazing trips on the Rogue up in Oregon this summer. I’ve never worked a Rogue trip before and it’s now one of my favorite rivers. We had awesome crews on all three trips and we had a great time doing yoga, singing songs by the campfire, building water slides, guide piling, dare wear-ing, painting, dancing. I worked with Colleen MM, Billy, Zach B., Shawn, Maggie, Catfish, Denny, and Ori. The only mishaps we had were 1) when Maggie got stuck in the Pickett Fence on Blossom. It was so good for me to see that happen to someone whose boating skills I really respect because before that I didn’t have a whole lot of fear/ respect for that rapid. It can definitely jump out and get even the best of boaters. And 2) when ARTA took Upper Missouri with only 6 people and there were no more camps left for us that night. We pulled up to a rocky bar with Colleen and a firepan and not much room even for a kitchen let along 30 people. Shawn remembered another gravel bar downstream that isn’t on the maps yet because it’s new and we floated down to that. It wound up being an amazing camp. We doubled up paco pads for the guide pile and had a great evening. I only sped one morning, but I saw two otters eating a salmon. They couldn’t have cared less that I was floating right by them. We also saw a bear and several battles between an osprey and an eagle.

Another entertaining part of the Rogue scene are the pranks played between companies. It started when OARS stole Curious George and we had to get him back (and get revenge). So, the other launch took 30 or so carpet samples, spray painted them with wonderful things about ECHO and put them all over the OARS guide house. They also left several creepy clowns and stuffed animals hidden around their house and gear shed. We spent the rest of the trips protecting George (and getting him drunk). Also, we tried to send one of our guests through the OARS lunch line, but they sent him away, even though he told them he was making a sandwich for George.

p1020585.jpgThe days off were really fun as well. We had a nice day in the park with some frisbee golf, running through hoolahoops and painting. We had to move to the other side of the river when the annoying drunk guys wouldn’t leave us alone (although one of them did give us really nice acrylic paints). We painted ourselves with blackberries and Zach made up an entertaining song about having a party on Charlie Brown (the truck). Good times.


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