Tuolumne River Weekend

September 5, 2007 at 4:22 pm (Kayaking, Rafting)

The Tuolumne River and the surrounding area (near Groveland) is a playground for rafters and kayakers. I just spent four days kayaking and rafting on the Main Tuolumne and Cherry Creek (Upper Tuolumne). Friday I kayaked the T for the first time with Danny and Noah, and while I didn’t swim, I saw more of the river bottom than I would have liked. After accidentally running a very sporty line at Sunderland’s Chute (far right) and making it through upright, my lines started deteriorating. I flipped over at India, Sterns, and Evangelist, and combat rolled in all of them. I then decided to walk around Clavey, not really wanting to test my roll in that much whitewater. By the end of the day, I was exhausted. I came close to swimming in Grey’s, but luckily Danny t-rescued me. Missing my roll shook me up a bit and then I stared flipping over in rapids that I couldn’t even remember the names of.

Tessa Guiding ClaveySaturday we took two Avon Adventurers on Cherry Creek with Brad and Aaron rowing and the rest of us paddling for them. The day was clean and seemed easier than I remembered. We had a couple off lines, but there was no carnage. Everyone went to the Iron Door that night and we danced and played pool and socialized a little too much.

I worked a Main Tuolumne day trip on Sunday with Dupe and Lindsey and it was sooo long even though we were rowing. The sun was extremely oppressive as well. I’d never worked a 1-day lower than about 3000 cfs. At least we didn’t have to hike the gear up the horribly steep hill at the end.Matt and Lazy Paddlers

Monday we took paddle boats down the Creek with Adam and Danny guiding. Robyn and I were paddling in Danny’s boat (Barry Bonds – the Pathmaker) and it was heavy. My body still hurts from paddling so hard! The other boat was Adam, Dupe, Dave, and Lindsey in the mini Wing and they seemed to be moving much better than we were. But we were paddling as hard as we possibly could. I have a huge bruise on my left hip from digging in to hard. On the drive out the ARTA truck’s radiator hose exploded. We had to sit and wait for the engine to cool off so that Danny could work his magic with duct tape and fix the thing. Adam hiked out and came back with another truck to take us all out. That night was super fun. We played Kings and a few good nicknames came out of the evening (BoomBoom being Robyn’s new name).


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