Power to the Peaceful – Michael Franti Concert

September 9, 2007 at 8:07 pm (Gypsy Life) (, )

Dancing with AmeliaEvery year Michael Franti puts on a free show in Golden Gate Park that draws thousands of people to the speedway. It started on 9/11/1998 as a day to support political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. The original date was a coincidence, however, after 9-11 Franti turned the festival into a peace gathering and day of awareness about the current state of affairs in Iraq and the Middle East. The festival this year included Hot Buttered Rum and the Indigo Girls, so there was a stellar lineup all day. The crowd was energetic, inspired, and full of hippy vibes.

I went to the concert with Dad and Uncle David which was awesome, entertaining, and a great way to bond with both of them. I definitely got cool daughter/ niece points for my willingness to hang out and dance with them, as well as for letting them socialize with all my (very accepting) friends. When we picked up my uncle, he was wearing a beige suede vest, white tee, leather cowboy hat, and khaki pants. “Nice vest.” Dad said to him, laughing. “I think I had one just like that about 25 years ago.” I looked Dad up and down and decided he needed to be put in his place. “Dad, you’re wearing a coat with at least 80 different colors in it. It looks like a patchwork quilt. I don’t think you have a lot of room to talk.” We walked to the show and at the entrance a very cute girl holding the donations jar eyed Dad’s jacket and complimented him, “Sweeeeet jacket, man.” Power to the Peaceful with Dad and Uncle DavidDad beamed. He was right at home. Uncle David and I decided later that, despite his multi-colored coat, he looked like a cop undercover with his dancing stick (like a club) and his two music-making sticks (batons). And Dad did nearly knock out a few innocent dancers with his wild stick dancing moves.

My favorite of the vendor booths was the Peace Chain dude who has made of 350,000 clay pendants in every imaginable language that say “Peace.” In the true spirit of the concert, he gives them out for free and asks for donations.

Afterwards we went to Uncle Davids and he gave us a brief tour of his Second Life creations and his avatar. I showed them the amazing Second Life spoof website, which my dad thought was hilarious. He doesn’t entirely grasp the World Wide Web.

Great day, amazing music, wonderful people, delicious food.


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  1. angrybeesound said,

    no dancing stick pictures?

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