Tour de Tahoe – Ride around the Lake

September 12, 2007 at 8:07 pm (Cycling)

Sunday morning we got up at 4:30am and drove up to Tahoe to ride around the lake. The only other organized cycling event I’ve participated in was the Death Ride, and this was far less organized and there was much less hype surrounding the event. We checked in at the Horizon Casino which was home base for the ride and started riding clockwise around the Lake. The roads were open and there was actually a fair amount of traffic in South Lake Tahoe for 7:00 on a Sunday morning. Once we turned towards Emerald Bay, the traffic subsided a bit, the weather started warming up, and the climbing began. The ride overall only gains 2600 feet throughout the course, but since I haven’t been riding, even that was a bit challenging. The views throughout the entire western part of the ride were spectacular. Emerald Bay, Homewood, and then on to Tahoe City and Incline Village (where we turned off the highway and rode through all the beautiful mansions). The only part of the ride I didn’t enjoy was the last leg on highway 50 which had so much traffic and not much signage. The rest stops were adequately placed, but the snacks and food was pretty mediocre. For an $80 ride, I expected more (The Death Ride was only $90!) Since the roads aren’t closed and there are so many restaurants and stores along the way, you easily could do the ride without actually registering. Overall though, it was a great day, perfect weather, sore legs, and some of the most spectacular views you could find on any ride, anywhere.


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  1. angrybeesound said,

    The Death RIde (play ominous music) was well supported, it is the only ride I have ever done that had its own helicopter. I’ve always been a fan of Cascade bike rides, they’re our local super group, well supported and good looking shirts. There is actually a nice ride coming up for which I have an extra ticket (want it?). It is as close to a Death Ride as we can come in these parts.

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