Katie Scott on the Outside Blog

October 18, 2007 at 10:11 pm (Kayaking) (, , , )

Browsing through the various outdoor blogs on the internet, looking for the latest and greatest adventure news, I came across the headline: “Paddlers Take on Big River Dams.” When I clicked on the Outside Blog, Katie Scott’s name came up first. Katie is a fearless paddler who easily keeps up with the guys and is quickly becoming an incredible play-boater as well.


Based out of Lotus in the summertime, she tells entertaining stories of knocked out teeth and huge drops over beers at the Sierra Nevada House (where she also works). In the early part of the summer when not a whole lot was running in California, I kayaked Chili Bar on the South Fork with Katie and a bunch of other paddlers (surprisingly, more girls than guys). I was inspired by the way Katie just went for it at all the play spots, trying new tricks and pushing her limits with playboating.

In the brief article, it says she and the other paddlers (Scott Ligare, Rush Sturges, Charlie Center, and a few others) are spending 3 months paddling in Nepal, India and Uganda, filming a movie called “The Last Descent” about big water rivers that have proposed dams on them. This is the same issue I came across when I was in Chile last winter rafting on the Futaleufu. I’m glad kayakers are making a film about saving these amazing places from destruction.


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