Gear Review: Mysterioso M-Tech Pant

October 19, 2007 at 10:50 pm (Gear Reviews)

While I was at the River Store today, checking flows and trying to figure out if there would be any water at all this weekend on the South Fork American, I got sidetracked and bought a pair of Mysterioso paddling pants. I’ve been eyeing them at REI for a couple of months now (ok, I’ve even tried them on a few times), admiring the extremely soft fleece lining and the lower-than-most-outdoor-pants waistline. They are kind of pricey at REI, going for $59.00, a little much for a girl on a budget. Well, lucky for me, they just got a shipment of the 3/4 length style in at The River Store and they’re selling them for $36. I couldn’t help myself, so I splurged and bought a pair. An hour later, water came up and I got to try them out on Chili Bar. I wore them under my amazing drysuit and stayed warm and cozy the entire afternoon. I actually like the 3/4 length because they don’t get bunched up at the ankles. Now when it’s cold out, I can still imagine that I’m sitting in front of the fire, under a big blanket, sipping hot cocoa…

Mysterioso M-tech Pant


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