Camping on the South Yuba

November 21, 2007 at 6:52 am (Hikiing, Kayaking)

Saturday morning we headed for the hills to stay on Rory and Larry’s Sky Ranch property on the South Yuba. Their property is pretty much how I envision heaven. Out one side of their quaint home is a spectacular birds-eye view of the South Yuba and out the other side are cascading waterfalls. The whole property is densely forested and green. It’s just a little ways outside of the town of Washington, CA and is truly a perfect paradise. The section of the Yuba they live on is a Class III-IV run that I’m really excited to run this winter.

South Yuba River


We hiked up Woodsman’s Creek and explored the waterfalls in the afternoon. Steve and Robyn were the only ones who wore waterproof shoes and it became a fun competition of who could keep their shoes dry the longest. Heather and I lost and Stefon almost made it the entire way, but he slipped on one of the last crossings and the contest was over. The rest of us wound up with soggy sneakers pretty early on after Steve stopped giving us piggy back rides across.


Cranium was next on the agenda, followed by dinner, bonfire, Kings, firecrackers and homemade cherry bombs. What was supposed to be a camping trip ended up with me falling asleep in the living room and sleeping next to the indoor fire all night. I decided that being warm and dry when I wake up in the morning is amazing and that I love house camping.




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