Fire Break at Heavenly Ski Resort

February 7, 2008 at 6:54 am (Skiing) (, , , , )

Yesterday was one of the more exciting and interesting days of skiing I’ve ever had. I had never skied at Heavenly, so I had a friend who knew the mountain well give me a tour. The first run of the day we rode up the Gondola, took the little tow rope up another 100 feet, ducked the ropes and traversed out to what they call the Fire Break. 2 days after the storm there were still only about 5 other tracks out there. The powder was amazing and the trees seemed to be perfectly spaced. There are still a few rocks under the surface out there, but for the most part, it was some of the nicest snow I have ever skied. After dropping down countless turns worth of elevation, we started traversing back toward the gondola. We were on a fairly unpaved path out when I saw my friend take a moment in front of me and then drop down into a ravine and back up. I stopped at the top too, and then without much momentum, dropped into the ravine. As I came up the other side, I lost all momentum and started slipping backwards. All of a sudden all the snow started collapsing under me and within seconds I was lying on my back in a hole with running water flowing past me. Initially, I was extremely confused. It is a rare occasion that a skier finds herself on her back, under snow, in moving water. I re-oriented myself, took off my skis, found my poles, and handed them all to my friend, who at this point had skied back to see if I was ok. I grabbed onto his poles and he pulled me out of the creek. I was extremely lucky that he was there because I have no idea how I would have gotten out otherwise.  The rest of the day was wet, but the powder was incredible on the other 3 runs we did at Fire Break as well as in Mott Canyon and Kilebrew. A lot of people badmouth Heavenly and I completely agree that there is a lot of traversing to do in order to get to the great spots, but once we got there, the skiing was outstanding. 


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