Kirkwood Epic

March 25, 2009 at 11:41 pm (Skiing) (, , , )

For some reason, every time I go to Kirkwood it ends up being some sort of epic day. Sunday was no exception. Weather was predicting up to 18 inches of fresh powder and cold temperatures and a big group of people were meeting at Kirkwood. Fun, we thought, social powder day! Well…not exactly.

7:00 – arrive at “school” in Coloma. Realize we are at different schools. Oops.

7:30 – Starbucks and gas stop in P-ville

7:45 – on the road. Some traffic, several accidents and 2wd cars in the snowbanks. One car was almost off the cliff down to Kyburz. Traffic moves very slowly.

9:00 – traffic comes to a complete halt. We call 511. 88 is closed, but 50 just has chain control. we sit and ponder why the traffic isn’t moving at all. Eventually we find out that there was a bad accident about 15 minutes before we got there. Damn Starbucks. Or maybe thank God for Starbucks. Who knows?

10: 00 – open doors of the car to pee. sitting in a traffic jam needing to pee is torture.

10:15 – move again. Drive past Sierra. Debate weather we are idiots for not just going there. Drive past several other small accidents. wonder if we are idiots for being on the road at all on a snowy Sunday in Tahoe.

11:30 – arrive at Kirkwood. Find our friends at the bar. They are leaving. Hungover and tired from skiing so much great powder.

11:45 – 3:45 – ski by ourselves. Do one run with a couple friends before they take off too.

4:00 – give another friend a ride home to Meyers. Debate whether we should eat now or just wait for dinner at my mom’s.

4:55 – turn onto 50 and come to another complete stop. Apparently a semi-truck jackknifed and was blocking the whole road. Start starving. Ashley starts to threaten that she might eat me, like the Donner Party. I begin begging the other cars for food. We get 2 blueberry  bran muffins. They were the best bran muffins I’ve ever tasted in my life.

6:35 – Traffic moves a little. 1 mile. We get past Sierra and traffic stops again. Completely. Another accident. We are delirious at this point. We have listened to all my comedy shows, all my playlists. We have not had water all day.

7:50 – accident clears. Traffic moves very slowly. maybe people are paranoid now

9:30 – home.


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