Selway River – A Personal First Descent

June 5, 2010 at 3:21 am (Kayaking, Rafting)

Every spring, I try to do a few private rafting trips. This past spring a group of sixteen of us were very fortunate to spend five days on the Selway River, which is a very difficult permit to get and, depending on the water level, a difficult river to run. Running the Selway had long been a dream of mine and I jumped at the opportunity to float it. The entire experience, the river, rapids, company, and the scenery all exceeded my expectations, and we were fortunate to be on the river at the perfect, and easiest water level.


Spending five days in a remote and seemingly untouched wilderness anywhere is an incredible experience, and this one was especially notable for our group because none of us had been there before. The entire five days I felt like an explorer; the map was mostly unhelpful and everything ahead was entirely new. Because of the friendly water levels we had, running the Selway was not an accomplishment in the sense that I did something particularly challenging or that no one else has done before. But at the end of the trip, it felt as though I was part of the first expedition down that canyon, and I got to mark off a personal first descent on my river list.




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