Cycling Routes

Coloma and the Sierra Nevada foothills in general are a haven for cyclists. The hills are incomparable, the rides are long, and the weather is “ridable” most of the year. The main problem with cycling on the windy, hilly, country roads is traffic. There are very few bike lanes in El Dorado or Placer County. The safest thing is to ride in a large peloton and wear bright colors. With that said, the options are vast and the rides vary greatly in length, elevation gain, and overall difficulty.

From Coloma there are several great rides: 49S to Placerville/Apple Hill/ Pollock Pines; 49S to 193/ Georgetown; Lotus Road to Gold Hill to 49N; 49N to Salmon Falls Road to Rescue to Lotus Road. The steepest and most challenging ride out of Coloma is unarguably riding up Prospector Road (parallels Marshall Road) to Garden Valley. While training for the Death Ride, many Velo Loco cyclists ride Prospector to prepare.

The following pages will give beta on some of these rides in the foothills. If you have more information on rides that aren’t posted here, please send us an email with the information.


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