Salmon Falls Loop 40 miles

From Coloma, head out Highway 49 north. If you want to miss some traffic, you can take a side road off to the right about 1/2 mile out of town onto Bacchi Road. You will have to do some riding on 49 though either way. You can also turn left for another side road onto Pedro Hill. Then go left at Salmon Falls Road. This is a long, fun descent, but be careful for cars and on weekends, rafting busses. The climb out of the American River canyon is not too steep and about 7 miles. Just before Green Valley Road, take a left onto Malcolm Dixon Road. It will bring you back to Salmon Falls. Take another left on Deer Valley. It will spit you out just before Green Valley Road merges with North Shingle. This is one of the sketchiest parts of the ride because there is usually quite a bit of traffic moving quickly. Go left at the stop sign onto North Shingle (it quickly turns into Lotus Road). Go about 1.5 miles, then go left onto Springvale Road, right onto Luneman, and at the stop sign you have 2 options: either go left onto Lotus Road back into Lotus, or keep going straight to add a few miles to your ride and for a more fun downhill. Head across the intersection onto Gold Hill Road. At the second stop sign, turn left onto Highway 49. This is one of the most fun downhills around. It will take you back into Coloma.


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