This blog was inspired at a coffee shop. While I was sending emails, I picked up a book titled, Game Face: What Does A Female Athlete Look Like? I have been a competitive athlete most of my life and my inspirations and role models are countless, so a vision of a great athlete instantly pops into my head. And it is not Michael Jordan. Or Tom Brady. It is a conglomeration of Mia Hamm, Kelly Kalafatich, Julie Munger, and Summer Sanders. Athletes who have broken barriers that reach beyond the numbers of time and distance, height and difficulty levels. They broke the barriers that once prevented women from playing at all.

I have participated in many sports from soccer and water polo, to my more recent passion for rivers, rafting, kayaking, skiing, cycling, and climbing. My enthusiasm for outdoor adventures has taken me to places and water levels I never imagined myself capable of. Much of my inspiration has been derived from the women river guides and kayakers who have been navigating the most challenging rapids and rocks, making first descents and ascents, and changing what the outdoor industry thought was possible for women.

This blog will be dedicated to women athletes whose medium is some form of water or rock. I will write profiles on women who I find inspiring, tell stories about adventures, provide useful information on gear for women, and anything else I see relates to the subject of the gypsy diva.

Get inspired. Get excited. Get outdoors


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